It’s Been Awhile

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I was subtly reminded by a good friend and follower of this site that I have not shown signs of life in this blog for some time. (Sigh) Thanks (Sigh, ahem).

Actually my hiatus was by design. I thought my first few blog posts were all too encompassing of the flavor of the moment, as well as my normal amateurish writing and analysis (the latter being a somewhat sarcastic and facetious remark). That flavor of the moment is being Trump- focused. Believe me, in any normal administration, writing commentary on the White House and its staff would be wholly appropriate and natural for a national security an foreign policy-focused blog. After all, with regard to all the different issues and topics of debate and legality that our legislative branch and federal government concern themselves with, it is in the realm of foreign policy that the president truly has supreme, independent, and almost unanimous responsibility.

However, it should be no surprise to those reading this that the state of affairs is a little different with the current administration. This makes the normal careful and close reading of White House actions and foreign policy-related matters in an uncomfortably close proximity to the immature, unprofessional, soul-draining, and nausea-causing hype of activity that currently defines much of the federal government. But, despite the negative mental and emotional health impacts, as well as the intellectual stagnancy that accompanies it, all too many contributors have succumbed to the “Trump Dump” of the brain and are glued to this administration like they’re binge-watching in college. (Might I add that I am not attacking those that do, for we need a strong fourth estate media that can keep us rightly informed. And, as I demonstrated firsthand, it is hard to avoid being “sucked in” to writing about these topics that are swarming our news cycle.)

So, why was my hiatus by design? Truth be told, I needed to recalibrate and ensure that I am upholding my purpose for writing this blog in the first place. That is, stay focused on foreign policy and national security issues, as well as military topics. Might the President and the White House, as well as our state of politics, be part of that discussion? Yes. But, I want to ensure that I am guiding the output, not being driven into an output by Washington events. Thus, a break for me.

Therefore, I do plan on continuing my posts, and now probably sooner since my marginal audience actually noticed I hadn’t written. And, I pledge that I will try to make it more of what I was hoping to write about, and hopefully what you were anticipating to receive from this blog.

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