On American Grand Strategy

Please take a look at my article for The Strategy Bridge, On American Grand Strategy. This was borne out of hearing H.R. McMaster speak at the annual George C. Marshall Lecture at the American Historical Association conference in New York this last January. I was rather disappointed in his bypassing response to my question regarding American grand strategy and the role of the National Security Advisor. Read for more info!

One thought on “On American Grand Strategy

  1. Agree with you on most points. I agree cutting so much of the State Dept over the past four years will have lasting, devastating effects on our country’s ability to negotiate and form partnerships with other nations. I agree we haven’t really had a solid long-term grand strategy since Trump didn’t follow Brzerzinski’s like many of our other presidents have. I don’t really know what we’re trying to accomplish as a country, or at least what our government wants the US to look like ten to twenty years from now. And I also agree we tend to lean too much on military or other types of forceful action. That’s not the type of country we want to become.

    As far as peeling back from Syria, Afghanistan, and other theaters — I think it’s for the best. In terms of a ten to twenty year plan, I just don’t think our current style of involvement helps. Things will probably get worse before they get better (e.g. Afghanistan not having two individuals take a presidential oath of office). But to keep on killing people without much else won’t do. Better to have the State Dept lead those efforts too if possible.


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