The President and COVID-19

I’ll admit, I think that the responses and the rhetoric from Trump regarding COVID-19 has maybe been the most presidential I have seen him. That may not be saying much, considering some of the botched handling, concern downplaying, and late-to-the-game reactions by the White House. But, the virus – which is contributing to the seemingly inevitable recession we’re spiraling toward – has forced the president to actually be honest and forthright regarding its health effects, the economic impact, warnings to Americans, and measures being taken. The aid package on the table by the administration, which would prudently help out important economic pillar industries like the airlines while also providing stimulus relief to working people, is just one responsible step that is a different sort of Trump than we’ve seen thus far. His briefings, while still hard to watch, are much more fact-based than others prior. Don’t get me wrong, he is a horrible president who still needs to go onto post-presidential life next year, but finally we at least have a horrible president who is also at least somewhat acting the part.

2 thoughts on “The President and COVID-19

  1. Sorry man, today I don’t agree with you. I feel like I didn’t take the virus seriously for a long time because our national leadership didn’t treat it as a threat. It’s so obvious — but while Asian countries have been hit repeatedly with swine flu, SARS, etc. and learned to handle them, we haven’t. So we treated this as another joke that wouldn’t touch our shores. Now it has, and lots of projections say upwards of half a million will die due to lack of respirators in an overwhelmed health care system — even if everyone starts self-quarantining today.

    We should not have treated this as a joke. Yes, sending checks to Americans (particularly those who will be made unemployed from this event) is a good first step. Bailing out airlines and hotel chains should be left for later, as this problem is not going away anytime soon. Calling this a “Chinese virus” is a really fast way to make enemies.

    Even the CDC’s response has been bad, and their data and instructions are NOT accurate. We’re relying on companies and local governments for information and direction. Federal government’s response is pathetic and is still not enough today. I haven’t watched any speeches recently but I feel like I’ve seen enough. We need someone who takes problems seriously.


  2. I agree with almost everything you said there too! In my post, I was simple talking about a moment this week where there was honesty, action with Congress by the administration, and expert analysis being offered and actually listened to, which is important for the president to do. Clearly, as seen by events, that moment was fleeting and passed quickly. Overall, the response has been abysmal, and he (DJT) continues to tout success where there is none, infuse the conversation with tone deaf racism, and lambaste reporters for asking questions that citizens want answers to. And his base continues to attribute this whole thing to the common cold and a democratic scare to deface the president. Overall failure in my book, but there was a moment that offered a glimmer of what could have been and should be.


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