One thought on “Great Sanger Article

  1. I was shocked when I started seeing CNN and some other news sites saying positive things about the Trump administrations actions for the virus. I mean…the relief packages Congress is passing are good. Checks should go to the unemployed, poor, and otherwise hard hit. We have to be ready for bailout packages for airlines and other industries — probably not now, but once we’re ready to start lifting quarantine measures. But no, as the US, we’re not even remotely leading world efforts the way we used to. We don’t have our shit together as a country — we don’t even have the right information being shared with people. Any other president would have done better than this because they would have cared.

    The Economist’s cover article for this week is pretty grim. Besides that the global total death toll for the virus will be in eight figures, the extended quarantining measures from the virus are likely to cause a global economic depression that has never been seen before. Lots of companies, individuals, and industries will go bankrupt. The countries that recover from the virus the quickest are the ones that will dominate the world economy afterwards. Things don’t look good for the US and Western countries at all.

    We’ll see what happens…


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