3 thoughts on “Good Opinion Piece

  1. I think this is an even better article saying that what CAPT Crozier did hauntingly mimics exactly what Col Theodore Roosevelt did with the 5th Army Corps in Cuba when faced with massive malarial infections 150 years ago.


    On a related note, Acting Secretary Thomas Modley has been sending weekly “SECNAV Vectors”. These are really annoying and not helpful. I read every other one and then am disappointed I wasted the time doing so.

    The Navy has very few good leaders who can accomplish a mission without crushing the crew. Seeing the Roosevelt’s crew cheering the CAPT is a rare sight — when I saw the headline I assumed they were cheering his dismissal, as ship crews sometimes do in private. Seeing them cheer positively and realizing what the Navy has just lost is a profound disappointment.


  2. Alternatively, as the CNN article references, Secretary Modly says CAPT Crozier bypassed everyone and incurred risk and damaged national security. https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=112537

    Yes, I can picture being a flag officer or political appointee in the chain and being vastly surprised and embarrassed by this. There is also debate in my office that we weakened our national posture and communicated weakness to our near-peers.

    I try to picture this story five years from now. Ship CO warns Navy his ship is infected with COVID-19 and needs help. He gets fired and we have recordings of the crew cheering for him as he departs. There can be debates about this for all time, closely examining specifics, but the vast majority of people will probably take at face value that this guy was fired for embarrassing his chain of command.

    I just finished watching the Chernobyl mini-series. Soviet leaders blamed the power plant leadership on the disaster and did everything possible to hide design flaws for reactors still in operational use. Soviets hid the root cause of the problem, which if unaddressed, might lead to more disasters. The entire culture was, and still is, all about hiding the truth to maintain the image that everything is under control.

    That is where we are heading as American society.


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